5 Signs in the Palms that You Will Get Bad Luck

Signs of Bad LuckThrough the hand image, we can learn the bad luck symbol of the bad luck fate. It lets us know in advance the obstruction and the happening of bad luck. It can prevent us from getting into the accidents.

  1. Barrier line

This is a line that has right angle to enter into the palm line. It implies that there is accident or obstacle. Through the flow year method, we can see which year the obstacle will happen.

  1. Circle line

If this sign appears, it means that it will create negative influence for the located mounts. However, if it appears in the mount of Jupiter, it will create positive influence. It means that your wish will be actualized.

  1. Island Sign

It is the island sign in the hand image. When this kind of hand sign appears, the luck will be in the lowest level. If we are the students, you will get the bad result. If you are in love, you will discover that your loving affairs will have no development. During this period of time, if you really pay efforts, you will cultivate your abilities. Meanwhile, your luck will recover.

  1. Health line

This is a line that starts from the base of the palm and go to the mercury mount. When we are in the bad health, this line will appear. Therefore, we called that as bad-health line. It suits its meaning. If you have this line in your palm, you should recall whether your living habit is dangerous to your health.

  1. Cross

This is a sign that have two lines cross each other. If you discover this sign in your palm line or mount, this means you will have troubles or obstacle during this period of time.

Moreover, the black mole in the palms also implies that there will have the troubles and obstacles. In the theory of the hand-reading, black color represents bad things.

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