“Quality of thought”Makes Our Own Destiny

Book Title : “Love in the palm of your hand: How to use palmistry for successful relationships”

Author : Ghanshyam Singh Birla

Written by Janet Li

“Love in the palm of your hand: How to use palmistry for successful relationships” is another work of Ghanshyam Singh Birla. The topic of this book does mainly focus on love affairs. Different with his previous book “Destiny in the palm of your hand: creating your future through Vedic palmistry”, this book puts less focus on the main theme of the previous book – three level of awareness. It tends to discuss more about the feature of the hand for the topic of love affairs.


The author has put a lot of the effort in the discussion of the heart line. He depicts different kinds of heart line to discuss about the emotional and psychological experience of the subject. He believes that learning more about the heart line can help you learn about your capacity for loving. In the conclusion, He said “Once you are able to decipher the code embedded in your heart line, you will learn much about your capacity for loving.”.


In the following chapters, he has discussed “the key factors that speak of your sensitivity and your degree of emotional attunement to the needs of your partner, friends, and associates.” These key factors have all given the predication about your love affair. The features of the hand he discussed include line of association, grill on Venus, mars assistant line, cross on Jupiter, minor branches on the heart line, girdle of Venus, vertical line on the Leo phalanx, union line and poorva punya.


The chapter of this book I love the most is the reminder of the book – “Twelve Key Points to Remember”. In this reminder, the author puts the stress on the “quality of thought”. The author said that “The quality of a line is in direct proportion to the quality of thought that creates it.” He added that “Even though your life is governed to a great extent by prenatal karmic compulsions, remember that you have the power of free will to create new patterns of behavior”. In this chapter, the author put heavy emphasis on the human force. He has positively recognized the free will of the human beings.

Although palmistry can give us some hints of our life, our destiny is finally controlled by us. Love affairs can be reflected by our hand. However, it is our own effort to make a good relationship.

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