The Branch of the Marriage Line can decide Your Luck

We have explained the meaning of the upward and downward marriage lines on the front page.

Apart from that, the marriage line shown in the above graph is the deformed line (multiple branches developed from the main line). It is also one kind of marriage line. However, not everyone will have this kind of marriage line.

This kind of marriage line is easily mixed with palm lines. It is hard to discern. Therefore, it is easily ignored by others.

  1. Marriage line that has the upward branches

This kind of palm pattern is identical to the palm pattern in that the sun line is intersected with the marriage line. It is a good omen. Whether in economic terms, spiritual terms, or physical terms, its good omen is just that of the sun line intersecting with the marriage line. It’s a good omen that will not be worse than the latter.

2. Marriage line that has the downward branches

This is the marriage line that straightly goes forwards and has downward branches. This kind of palm line is hard to be discerned. It represents that the owner unwittingly betrays each other.

Therefore, this line is a line that explores the shameful deed of the owner.

The relationship between the couple and lover is the relationship of trust and interdependence. One side falls in love with another side. And Another side falls in love with one side with the same mood. So, the relationship with each other can be complete. In palmistry, if you check your palm carefully, it will tell you the message in this aspect.

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