What is the meaning of the Sun Line that starts from the Moon Mount?

What the moon mount represents is intuition, inspiration, ideas, and getting help from others. Therefore, if the sun line is starting from this mount and extends to the sun mount, the luck of the owner will be extremely good.

The luck of the owner may include many issues happening but the owner is still safe, the proposals of the owner are accidentally accepted by the boss, or the owner has the supporters. Only when this kind of person stretches out their palm, we will find a sunline starting from the moon mount and reaching the sun mount.

Among the various kinds of sun lines, the key point of this line is “getting help from others”. Therefore, people who get this line are suitable for being superstars.

This kind of person is full of energy of attracting others. They are especially shining among the mass. Therefore, they can get support and be successful. According to my multi-facet investigations, people can get this kind of lucky palm pattern without any reason due to the blessings of their ancestors.

1. Sunline that starts from the positive Mars mount

This belongs to the practical fighters. This belongs to the type that is persistent. These kinds of people can step into the road of success step by step. Although they can win the trust of the surrounding people, they will be stated as boring people because they are too serious. The most important point of this kind of person is to change their mood and play for a while.

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