What is a Good Palm Pattern?

The lifeline, the headline, and the heart line are the basic lines in palmistry. These three lines represent the character and the fate of the owner. They are very important. If these three lines are obvious, no matter whether they are men or women, they will be very lucky. They will unleash fully their innate … More What is a Good Palm Pattern?

Psychic Websites I recommend

Psychicreading.com Recently, I received an email about a psychic website (https://www.psychicreading.com). After reviewing it, I find it worth recommending to you. The website’s content includes the definition of psychic reading, the introduction of the best type of psychic reading, the psychic reading cost, and the introduction of psychic scams and fraud. The best section of … More Psychic Websites I recommend

Are the Palm Line of Human fixed and not changeable?

The palm line will produce subtle change according to the change of the environment. This point has been mentioned in the “Mayi Shen Xiang”. Apart from the palm lines that represent the past are not easy to change, those palm lines representing the future, and the trouble will change. For example, when you escape from … More Are the Palm Line of Human fixed and not changeable?

What are Mounts?

Mounts are the protruded portions which like mountains around the palm. There are nine mounts in the palm of human being. They represent different perspectives of the personality of the human being. They are listed as below: Jupiter mount (under the index finger, represents power and are motivated) If this part is protruded, it represents … More What are Mounts?