8 Signs that you get bad luck

Honestly, some who are more suitable for fortune-telling activities can predict when his/her luck is comparatively bad. However, one cannot totally depend on fortune-telling to predict when he/she will get bad luck. Moreover, fortune-telling is not a very accurate science. It always makes mistakes. Sometimes, the difference is quite large. Moreover, some are not suitable for having fortune-telling activities.


Therefore, some should learn how to judge when the bad luck will be coming. Therefore, in this article, I will present some characteristics of a people in the bad luck and provide some tips of how to discover the bad luck will be coming through your own feeling and reflection. Then you can take some actions to prevent from getting into this bad luck. Therefore, I will describe the characteristics of getting bad luck. Moreover, I will describe the phenomena of the early and middle stage of getting bad luck.


The following is the characteristic of the coming of the bad luck before you discover it:


  1. There is a difference on the daily life, behavior models and the thinking methods between the past and the present. And there is the difference on the habits between you, the colleague and the general public. This makes you have the strange or upset feeling with other people. We can say when your living has abnormal phenomena or you have violate the normal order to produce abnormal phenomena, you should be careful. It is because it is the characteristic before the changing luck. During this period, you should be careful of your every action. It is the best to take a reference of the opinion of your parent and those who has the enriching social experience. Do not to be too stubborn.


  1. You always feel upset or you have palpitation. This phenomena surely has keen relationships with sleepless or overwork. However, if you have this characteristic for several days, you will easily get bad luck. Therefore, you should take a rest at this time to accumulate more energy.


  1. You handle your work according to the past habits. There is no accident in this way. However, you get into trouble this time.


The following phenomena will happen if you are in the early or middle stage of getting bad luck.


  1. You feel that you meet with the person who hinders your fate. You may hear about the discussion of this person. Especially when you originally do not like to hear about the discussion of this kind of person, you accept it without the reason or your thought and make the loss.


  1. You get the same disease as the past. However, the period of sickness is further longer than the past.


  1. You cannot get promoted with the normal ways, and even lose your job. Or you run a same business as others’ business at the same time. Large portion of the people earn money. However, you lose the money.


  1. You have made the best effort. However, there is a great distance between your predicated result and the turn-out result. Or finally you are failed. You get ten percentage rewards with one hundred percentage effort. You only produce the negative effect. You can say that there is big different between your effort and the reward.


  1. You help others with your warm heart. However, the person you help not only does not compensate you, he even harm you. It may be because, as mentioned before, you have meet with the person who hinders your fate. However, it may be because you do the work with the objection of the normal ways of helping people. Both causes may be right.


What kind of sign do you encounter when bad luck is coming?What is your comment for this article? Please leave your comment.

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