Do the White and Slim Hands Belong to a Gentlewoman?

You can check roughly about the character of a person from the color and luster of the hands. It is because the type of the living environment and the work will make the change in the hands.

The while and slim hand is the typical hand of a gentlewoman. She is intellectual. Her interest is high-level. She is elegant. However, as she is very delicate, she will have the trend of extremely suspicious. Her hand is soft. It will make her have vanity. This makes people hate her.

The black and hard hand represents that the owner has strong will and good health. If we said that the white and slim hand belongs to the literary stream. Then the black and hard hand belongs to the sporty stream. This kind of people is very actionable. He is very aggressive. He is full of masculine manner. Therefore, if the woman has this kind of hand, her action will like that of man. This kind of people works hard. Their relationship with the friends is long lasting.

We can define the luster by just taking a look. However, it is difficult to discern the hardness of the hand. Generally, we use the degree of the thinness and fatness and the thickness of the bone to make a judge. However, the more direct way is grasp gently the hands of the owner, or use the finger to gently press the hands of the owner. The hand which just likes the soft candy is in the type of softness. The hand which just likes the baseball is in the type of hardness.

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