4 Signs in Your Palms that You are Disloyal to Love

Palm shows that you are disloyal to love.

Love affair is the private affair. Some seems loyal to the partner on the surface level. However, he or she will do some trivial things privately. This type of people will held love relationships with several people at the same time. Although he or she looks like very good apparently and other cannot find out his or her bad behavior, his palm print has already shown his or her bad behavior.

  • Cross on Mars Positive

If you have a cross in your mars positive mount, it means that you are lust. You will not be satisfied with one partner. You will contact another partner by concealing your partner, for example, the people who has the extramarital relationships. Once there is a dispute in the love affairs, you will lose your money. You need to lose your money to prevent from the disaster.

  • Several Confusing Marriage Line

If you have several confusing marriage line, this means that you have love affairs early in your life. You will have lover when you are young and you will be married when you are young. Your feeling is rich and fine. You will care about the opposite sex. Therefore, you will be welcomed by the opposite sex. However, as you attract opposite sex after marriage. You tend to be the third party in the love affairs.

  • Fate Line Starting from Moon Mount

If you have a fate line that starts from the moon mount, this means your human relationship is very good. You will get help from others. Moreover, these people are somebody who can help you. Most of them are opposite sex. Therefore, there are continuous happening of love affairs. Gossips appear continuously. Although it will not affect the work and life of yourself, it will enhance your fame. Anyway, you should control yourself.

  • Many Parallel Popularity Line

Parallel popularity lines are the lines at the bottom of palm. It represents that you are humorous and strong in expressing opinions. You can have good conversation with others. Therefore, you are popular among the friends. You are suitable for being diplomat. However, in the love affairs, you will make your partner jealous.  

Do you have these signs in your palms? What is your thought of this article? Please leave me your comment.

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