What is the Meaning of the Heart Line that touches the Headline or Lifeline?

The heartline that extremely bends downwards will bring strong function in the emotional perspective.

If the heart line extremely bends downwards, it will sometimes touch the headline or lifeline. Sometimes, they will cut the headline or lifeline. At this moment, it will bring strong function in the emotional perspective.

1. Heart line that cuts through the lifeline and enters the Venus mount

The curved heart line that extends to the Venus mount has human-touched love affairs. If the line enters within the mount, this kind of character will be stronger. It can also be said that the love affairs of the owner are full of human touch. The love affairs of this kind of people are over. However, when one is too warm, it may attract disgust. Is it what we always say that “the moderate warmth is kind, the excessive warmth is to poke one’s nose into other people’s affairs”, or “too far is as bad as not enough”? We hope you pay more attention to this point.

2. Heart line that touches the starting point of the headline

We can regard this kind of situation as the three lines (heart line, headline, and lifeline) starting at the same point. As the three lines centralize at the same point, the character is much stronger. The heart line of this kind of person is “long and curves downwards”. They belong to the type of jealous character. In addition to the force of headline and lifeline, they will become the solitary types that take “My love is most perfect” as their mission. If we correctly use this kind of character, he or she should be a person who is full of justice.

3. Heart line that touches the headline under the middle finger

The owner is very simple and sincere. This kind of person is romantic and full of girlish feelings. However, the shortcoming is that the owner is too timid.

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