How do You Know that You will Get Rich Overnight?

If the Jupiter mount, mercury mount, and the Venus mount is protruded, and some fixed lines happen here, it is possible for you to get rich overnight.

If your palm is red and soft, and the ring finger is thick and straight, and the career line and the sun line are combining each other, you will have the strong partial fortune.

According to the principle of the Feng Shui, everyone has the region of fortune in their hand. This is the Jupiter mount. It is the mount that is situated below the Jupiter finger and the Saturn finger. It is partial to the Jupiter finger in one third portion.

When the Jupiter mount is thick and protruded, and it does not have mottles, and it does not cover the heart line, you will have great opportunity of getting rich. If you have the thick and protruded Jupiter mount, you will always have Windfall. If your Jupiter mount is flatter, but still protruded, your fortune is also quite good.

Apart from that, the mercury mount that is under the little finger and the Venus mount that is under the thumb also represent large fortune. It you have these two mounts protruded, you will be easily win Windfall. If these two mounts are very thick, you may become rich overnight.

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