Does the Rosy Hand represent Good Health?

Does rosy hand represent good health?

The color and the humidity of the hand is the characterization of the circulatory system. Therefore, we can judge the health condition of someone from these two indexes.

Many will think that the people who the rosy hand will have a better health condition. In fact, it is a myth. The normal color of the hand is pink. If the hand is very reddish or very pale, it is the omen of the problem of the health.

If the color of the palm is pink, it represents that the owner is vigorous. He or she has rich mental activity and is easygoing. He is optimistic and friendly to people.

If the color of the palm is very reddish, it represents that the physical strength is too full. He or she is grumpy. It may be related to the fever or high blood pressure. People who have this kind of hand will have the disease in the liver and glands. Meanwhile, their temper is bad. He or she lacks patience and is easy to make mistakes.

If the color of the hand darkens from the color of red, the function of their heart may be worse.

If the color of the hand is changed to the color of fuchsia, it may be the omen of the appearance of a cerebral hemorrhage.

If the hand has the reddish spot, the owner has a high risk of infecting syphilis.

For the women, if the outer edge of the palm is reddish, she may be pregnant.

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