Who has Mental Illness according to Palmistry?

We can check whether someone has mental illness with palmistry.

If the lifeline departs after passing the index and middle finger, it represents the character of the owner is conservative. He or she often worry about their life. If they encounter setbacks, they will be easy to be anxious.

If the lifeline and the headline are even entangled, it generally represents that the owner likes to be alone and is pessimistic. He or she is easy to get to the low tide and like to drill horns. They tend to infect with mental illness. They even have the idea of suicide.

If the heart line is chainlike, it represents that the temperament of the owner is changeable. He or she is petty about little things and care about everything.

If the end of the headline has many lines, it represents that the owner has worried too much and his or her energy is dissipated. He or she is easy to be sentimental.

Apart from that, the headline extends downwards and is parallel with the lifeline, it represents that the owner has the poor ability in pressure resistance. He or she loves fantasy. He or she will escape from the difficulties.

If there are messy lines in the center of the palm, it represents that the owner loves cranky. He or she has accumulated many meaningless troublesome. He or she is easy to get a mental illness.

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