Does Clear Lifeline represent Good Health?

Life line does tell us about our health.

If we determine whether the lifeline is clear or not, we should take reference to other main lines to make the judgment.

The lifeline has recorded the physical condition and the psychological condition of the human being. It is the main line that are inborn with our life.

Therefore, it can be used to judge one’s vitality, energy, and physical power. Among that, we can find out whether one is born to be strong or weak. It can also find out whether one is brave or not, is passionate about life or not. Therefore, lifeline does more reflect the quality of life, rather than only the longevity of life.

If the lifeline is deep and clear, the constitution of the owner is stronger. He or she will be full of power and is proficient in sports. This kind of person is strong. He or she can keep patient when encountering the difficulties.

On the contrary, one with an unclear lifeline will have weaker physical power. Usually, they will not be interested in sports.

After reading this piece of article, what do you think? Please leave me your comment.

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