Does the Length of Lifeline indicate the Longevity of Life?

Whether lifeline indicate the longevity of life?

Roughly, the longer and the deeper the lifeline is, the more vigorous the owner is. Meanwhile, it may represent a long life.

On the contrary, if the lifeline is thick and shallow, it predicts that the life force is weak. The quality of the body is bad. He or she is easy to get illness and down-to-earth. He or she may be too timid.

If the lifeline is short and suddenly becomes thinner, and disappears, it represents that the life force of the owner is very weak.

If the lifelines of both hands are very short, it represents that the owner will get serious illness in the old age. He or she should take care of it.

If the lifelines of both hands are short and nearly stop at the same place, it represents that the owner will be at danger at the age of the final point. The owner need not worry too much if he or she has the short lifeline in just one hand.

The abnormal situation that makes one worried is the lifeline has a break. The owner will demand spiritual life, rather than the physical life. He or she is born to be easy to get the illness. He or she is devoid of the interest in life and the charm of the personality.

If the lifeline is breaking up at the same place and the gap of the breaking-up has reached to one centimeter or above, the owner may have the mental retardation.

If there is a parallel line on the gap of the breaking-up, it will be much better. Even though the owner will have the possibility of getting an illness, he or she will get well soon. Besides, if other lines are connecting the gap of lifeline, the owner need not worry too much.

Anyway, even though you have a short lifeline or defects in the lifeline, you will get to have a long life if you can carefully take care of yourself, have a regular life, and do exercise regularly. So do not worry. Be positive.

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