Can the Location of the Thumb decide One’s Character?

How can we check our character from the thumb?

1. Low-set thumb

If the location of the thumb is lower, the thumb will be more distanced from the palm. It gives one’s impression that the thumb is protruded.

This kind of people is not good at theoretical work, for example, thinking and innovation. They have a higher ability in practical work. They can make use of their dexterous hands to implement the idea and thinking submitted by others.

Therefore, this kind of person is suitable for being a technician. Sometimes, they will be self-centered. They cannot control themselves. They need guidance to carrying out the task in a good manner.

2. High-set thumb

If the location of the thumb is higher, the thumb will be closer to the palm.

This kind of people has great originality. They are good at thinking and can control the work. Their greatest achievement is to solve some problems. Therefore, they are more suitable for communication work.

They are sensitive, depressed. They have the determination and perseverance. However, they will be brooding with some trivial things.

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