What is the Meaning of the Thickness and Thinness of the Lifeline?

LIfeline can show one’s physical power.

1. Thick Lifeline

We can check the strength of the life force from the thickness and thinness of the lifeline. It also tells the availability of physical power. If the lifeline is thick, it represents the owner has physical power. They seldom get sick. Even though they get hurt, they will recover in a short time.

If one has a thick lifeline, it represents that he or she is a healthy person.

2. Thin Lifeline

It is seen to be very weak and thin. It represents that the owner does not have physical power. This kind of lifeline is not carved too deep. It seems to have to disappear from the palm. The owner just needs to pay attention to their health and the diet and hold the normal daily routine. They will have the probability of having a long life.

3. Big amplitude

If the lifeline is thick and the amplitude is big and beautiful, it represents that the owner is strong and has good physical power.

4. Small amplitude

If the amplitude of the lifeline is small, it means the area of the Venus mount is small, it represents the owner has bad health. He or she lacks vitality and physical power. His or her life will not be rich.

When facing a critical moment, he or she will be lack patience. The chance of success also is diminishing. If this kind of people wants to change their fate, it is important when they meet the obstacles, and problems, do not just blame the world and others, they need to be brave to rise to the challenge. Then the luck will come to their side.

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