Does the Slender Finger indicate Exquisite Character?

People with the slender finger has the artistic talent.

The more front the finger is, the sharper the fingertip is. The thumb of the owner is smaller than that of the general public. The palm is soft and has a radian. The knuckle of the palm is flatter. This kind of palm is called “Whitefish type”.

Many would think that people with this kind of palm is exquisite. However, it is not the truth. People with this kind of palm have the talent of literature. They can adjust the atmosphere in the social venue. They are easy to please their friends. If the headline is good, they are suitable to take up the literary works.

The disadvantage of the character of this kind of people is that they lack control of the emotion. Sometimes, they will have a hysterical performance. They are idealistic. They love imagination and even escape reality. They cannot control themselves. Apart from that, people with this kind of palm should pay attention to the disease in the respiratory system and the digestive system.

On the other hand, although people with the slender finger is suitable for the artistic work, whether they can be the artist should be judged by combining the other factors. It should be judged just by the length of the finger.

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