What does the Productive Line indicate?

The productive line can indicate your productive power.

The productive line is also called “Phoenix’s tail pattern”. It is the arrow-shaped branches that are located at the front end of the heart line.

If you have many productive lines, it means that your productive power is very good. If it matches with the good bracelet lines and the children’s lines, the child you give birth will be very healthy.

On the contrary, if you have no productive lines, you may have the problem of frigid.

If there are many productive lines and they make the front end of the heart line show spike-shaped, the owner is vigorous. They will put much passion into the world. They have good relationships with others. They are easygoing. Therefore, they can copy with almost all the people. They have good relationships with the opposite sex. At the same time, this kind of people is warm-hearted. They are patient with the children and the animals. If they have good material wealth, they will give birth to many children.

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