How can We check our Health from the Growth of Nails?

Nails contain information of the health.

In the process of nail growth, we can check certain information of health variation through the supply of the blood.

If the white spot or the grey spot happens on the nail, it represents that the zinc content in the body is out of balance. This kind of change may be out of the recent overworking or excessive spiritual pressure.

If a longitudinal protrusion from the cuticle to the fingertip appears on the nail, it represents the disease of the skin, the intestines, and the stomach. You should pay more attention to it.

If a single lateral groove appears on the nail, it does mostly come from the trauma. It may be the physical illness, the failure of a weight loss plan, or malnutrition.

If the nail grows curvedly and wraps up the fingertip, this kind of situation is mostly seen in smokers. It is because they mostly have the disease of the respiratory system.

If the nail grows in an imbalanced way and protrudes in the surrounding area, it does mostly come from the malnutrition that leads to the imbalance of the chemical materials in the body. You should try to improve this situation to prevent serious illness.

If the shape of the nails grows in a fan-shaped shape with a large outside and small inside, it represents that the owner is in a nervous state for a long period. They need to relax in a good way.

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