What do the Fine Lines and the Branches of the Lifeline represent?

The signs — star, island, and barrier are the warning sign for the upcoming situation of the human body. It needs our attention and our precaution.

The star sign represents the location of the energy clustering. It is formed from the certain point of assembling several lines with the lifeline. After the owner has encountered sudden and accidental harm, this sign will happen.

The island sign on the lifeline represents the weakness of the mainline. If the island divides the mainline into two parts, the life force will be divided. The resistant power will turn to become bad. During the initial development of the island, it is the omen of the happening of the disease. Therefore, the owner should take care in this period. He or she should take the protection for the pathogenic source of the disease to avoid the happening of the problem of the health.

The fine lines appearing on the lifeline are classified into the positive effect and the negative effect. The sign of star, island, barrier belongs to the lines of negative effect. And the branches on the lifeline mostly bring positive effect to the line.

The upward branches of the lifeline are also called the “effort line” or “achievement line”. If it extends to the Jupiter mount, it represents the achievement in the academic field. If it extends to the Saturn mount, it represents the reward of the transaction of the property asset. If it extends to the Sun mount, it represents the individual happiness or the monetary gain. If it extends to the Mercury mount, it represents a successful career.

If the branch of the lifeline extends to the Luna mount, it represents the owner will migrate to other countries or travel. The longer the branch, the longer the distance between the hometown and the migrated destination. If the branch of the lifeline extends to the mount of the negative Mars or the Venus mount, it represents the various kinds of keen relationships. The target may be the lover, the offspring, the seniority. It also may be the pet. The specific is needed to be judged by the age of the owner.

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