Are you jealous of Your Lover in the Love Affairs? Please check your Heartline.

In the changing world of love affairs, some people will be strongly jealous of their competitors in deep love relationships. The palm pattern of this kind of people will be in the following characteristics:

If the heartline is short and has upward and downward branches, the owner will be easiest to be emotionally devoted to. They hope their lovers will be in the same state as themselves. They will take the lovers as private property. This kind of palm pattern has pros and cons. It is extremely easy to lead to a big argument in the life of love affairs.

If the ending of the headline has the fork, the owner is usually suspicious. Not to mention the lovers, they will be suspicious of their friends. They will be usually jealous even though nothing happens.

If you have the palm pattern of being jealous, you should open your heart, trust, and cherish your lover.

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