What is the Meaning of the Length of the Lifeline?

1. Long lifeline

It represents the tendency of long life. However, it is not the only condition for the lifeline. It also should equip with the following conditions: a) Which direction does this lifeline extend to? b) Whether is the lifeline thin or thick? c) Does the lifeline have signs, like an island, crossing line, etc.

The characteristics of the lifeline that represents long life are long. It is also clear and deep. Moreover, it will extend below the thumb. If the front of the lifeline extends to the luna mount, it represents the “Wanderlust” model of long life. If the lifeline extends to the centre of the wrist, it represents that the owner will get long life when they get some ailments.

2. Short lifeline

People with a short lifeline is not necessary to be the type of ill-fated. The lifelines of both hands disappear at the same location. Or There are big gaps, cross line, stars on the line, it represents that there is the crisis of the life on that year. However, If the lifeline, on one hand, is long and on another hand is short, or there is a supplementary line underside the lifeline, it represents that the owner should not worry too much.

3. Headline can assist the lifeline

The headline is also an important factor for longevity. If the headline is long and thick, it can be the supplementary line for the lifeline. Therefore, when your lifeline is not ideal, you need not be too pessimistic. If only the headline is drawn well, the life is also rich and good.

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