What is the Meaning of Sun Line that starts from the Fate Line?

We can check the basic luck of the owner from the fate line. And the sun line obliquely starts from the fate line can show the starting period of luck of the owner.

If we use the fleeting law made by Yasuto Nishitani, we can calculate the timing of marriage and gaining fame accurately.

The general sunline only represents “You have the luck”. And this kind of sunline represents that the effort gets the compensation, apart from the luck. Therefore, people who have this kind of sunline are true to their name to be people who have the strength.

It is not making effort continuously will have the result. However, through germination, the development, it will get the result. In the year you have the result, the sunline will appear. People who have this kind of palm line should seriously go forwards. Through the effort, they will be successful.

  1. Branch at the end of the sunline

This kind of line is equal to the sunline stated beforehand. It represents luck twice.

However, the luck stated beforehand is luck in different areas. The luck stated here is the luck extending from the original luck. Or the owner gets the luck in the related matter.

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