Does the Double Heart Line mean the Dual Character?

The double heart line is the line that is a parallel line that is located above or below the heart line. One heart line can express a strong character. If there are two lines, it is even more remarkable. There are turned out from one carriage to two carriages. Therefore, the force of the heart line is certainly enforced.

1. When the line is above the heart line

It represents that the emotion is very strong and it begins at an early stage. The character is extremely lucid. The owner is aggressive and has strong willpower. He or she will not be discouraged because of some small business. On the contrary, he or she will unleash his or her strength when meeting adversity.

However, when the double heart line meets with the real heart line, it means that he or she is mature earlier.

2. When the line is below the heart line

It also represents that the emotion is strong. Originally, the thick line appearing here and going forwards horizontally is called the “resisting line”. People with this line is suitable for working as lawyer or judge. Namely, this person has strong willpower. He or she has the endurance to resist the environment and the perseverance to insist to the end.

All in all, double heart lines are just like the carriage that is held by two horses. If the rein is controlled properly, the carriage will go forwards in the correct direction. If there is one wrong step, some irreparable issues do perhaps happen as two horses run in a different direction. So to speak, this line is the line that “should be carefully handled”.

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