What does the Heart Line that can control Love Affairs look like?

Heartlines can reveal many characteristics of people.

Everyone will have some good points in his or her character. For example, dexterity, high intuition, and honesty. And these kinds of characters will be expressed in the heart line.

1. Branches appearing at the beginning of the heart line

It represents that the owner is good at handling world matters. It is especially when the branches are going upwards. The more upward the branches do, the more functional this tendency is. These kinds of people are good at grasping the movement of the emotion of others. They are well-coordinated. They are good at creating the atmosphere. They belong to the indispensable type.

Apart from that, while they control the emotion, they will not be too indulged in the emotion or be controlled by the emotion.

2. Islands simultaneously appearing on and below the heart line

Different from the general type of island, these kinds of islands simultaneously appear on and below the heart line. Therefore, it does not only not interrupt the luck. On the other hand, it makes the line thicker and swell. As such, the love affairs will be enriched. It represents that the owner can find out others’ minds.

3. Ending of the heart line splits into two prongs

It does not represent that the heart line splits into two lines. It represents that the emotion is the representation of “honesty”. When the prong goes upwards, it represents that love affairs will not have the fake. When the prong goes downwards, it represents that a love affair is simple. The love affair is full of sense of human. If two prongs simultaneously happen, it represents “honesty” and has a sincere heart of love for themselves and their partners.

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