Solomon’s Ring and Line of Hidden Merits

  1. Ring of outstanding strength

Solomon is the renowned king of the ancient Jewish state. In this country, Saul, David, and Solomon is the renowned king who is brave and wise.

Solomon’s ring represents the owner has the strength of the Solomon king. In my experience of reading hands, I seldom find this kind of ring in other people.

People who have this kind of ring have keen brain power. The method they work is going forwards step by step. They are full of life power. As they have the ability of leadership, they normally will get the social status and the property.

However, as they themselves have the strength, they will request that the other side has this kind of strength. Moreover, they are easy to be arrogant. They should pay attention to this point.

2. Line of hidden merits with intense humanity

It represents the hidden merits of the ancestors from generation to generation.

The merits accumulated by the ancestors and coming from the public-spirited act will influence the offspring. The presentation here is the palm pattern that inherits the hidden merits from the ancestors. People who have this kind of palm pattern have a good personality. They can get along with any type of person.

Their character is fine and aggressive. They believe in humanism. They will help others who have problems. Therefore, they get the trust and respect of others. People who have this kind of palm pattern are especially suitable for the field of education.

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