What does the Heart Line that we should be alert for look like?

Apart from the disease, the trouble of the heart line is the entanglement of love. Certainly, it is just the notice. If only we pay more attention, we can recover the regular heart line.

1. An island happening on the heart line

If the island is located at the center of the heart line, it is a warning sign. If the island is located under the ring finger, it represents that the eyes and the spirit are not normal. If it is under the air finger, it represents gynecology disease.

Apart from the island sign, the star sign and the cross sign are also the warning signs of the disease.

2. Heart line breaks up at the center

It represents that the love affairs break up in the midway. It also means the disillusionment of love. Originally, if the love affairs smoothly grow up, the heart line will not break up in the midway. It will extend beautifully. If it is broken up, it represents that the inner world of the owner has been disrupted. The owner may love others, rather than the original lover. To make love affairs strong, the owner should understand each other. The misunderstanding will also be eliminated.

3. An island happening at the branch of the heart line

It is also a warning sign. If the direction of the branch is different, its meaning will have somewhat different. However, the island happening at the branch of the heart line mostly represents the entanglement of love or the triangle relationships.

On other hand, if the branch does have cut other lines or entered the Venus mount, rather than having an island sign, a star sign, it is also a bad omen. It means the love relationships have been blown up.

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