Travel Line and Resistance Line

  1. The line that indicates you live in foreign countries

Checking from the text, we can immediately find out that this is the line indicating the owner moved to foreign countries. It represents that the owner stays in foreign countries for a long time.

People who have this line will travel to two places that have great distances back and forth. It will not be a journey that requires only three or four days.

He or she will live in Taipei for a certain period of time while he or she will live in Kaohsiung for a certain period of time. For this, they will have two living areas or they will be on a business trip for three to four years.

2. Resistance line

People who have a strong sense of justice will have this palm pattern.

Even though people with this line is considerably mild, they will strike back against certain issue once something has happened. This kind of activity that looks like becoming another person makes others surprising.

He or she is one of the ungrateful tanks. They hate to beat around the bush. No matter whether the other side is a boss or the customer, they will speak from the bottom of their heart. If he or she is your partner, it will be good. However, if he or she is your emeries, it will be terrible.

People with the resistance line should take the work of the lawyer.

If you have this line and have a thick fate line that extends to the middle finger, this kind of tendency will be much stronger. You should control yourself.

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