What is a Good Palm Pattern?

The lifeline, the headline, and the heart line are the basic lines in palmistry. These three lines represent the character and the fate of the owner. They are very important. If these three lines are obvious, no matter whether they are men or women, they will be very lucky. They will unleash fully their innate talents. They will show their talents in daily matters.

The ancient people took these clear three basic lines as the supreme. Therefore, the palm pattern of the Buddhists is also the same with them. As such, we can say that the idealistic palm pattern should also be like theirs.

Not only the three basic lines should be clear, but the fate line that affects the individual fate should also be a straight line. It should not be interrupted or curved. The more straight the fate line is, the more the luck is. If the marriage line that symbolizes the emotion between the couple is like that shown in picture B and is straight and clear, the living of the couple should be very good. They can respect each other as guests. They will grow old together. Namely, the main lines of the palm are clear and are the symbol of luck.

Palmistry can not only show the health state of the individual but also show the diversification of psychology and the response of various aspects. If the palm pattern is good and no matter whether the state of psychology or the state of physiology is very good, we can predict that the owner’s fate will be smooth and good.

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