5 Signs in Your Palms that You choose to be Alone

Palm that indicates someone choose to be alone

Integrating various lines in the palms and make the analysis, we can discern whether the self-consciousness of the owner is out of control. We can know whether he or she has the tendency of being alone. Many things can be reluctantly demanded, especially the love affair. If only because of the freedom, we can give up anything certainly.

  • Long and Straight Thumb and Index Finger

The owner has strong self-consciousness and dominance. He or she cannot get along with the opposite sex that cannot please him or her. If the owner is the female, she will be busy with the work and get alone permanently.

  • The Absence of Marriage Line or Short Marriage Line

For this kind of people, marriage is not very important. Maybe, that is the reason why he or she get alone for a long time. Although the owner will get marriage, he or she will pay much attention to the private space.

  • Long and Clear Fate Line

The owner is get used of one living style. He or she will be absolutely obsolete. If the owner is a female, she will be suitable to get alone.

  • Long Heart Line that Extends to the borderline of the palm

The focus of the living will put on the career. The owner will put all his or her effort on the career. He or she will be alone until the ideal lover appears.

  • The beginning of the headline departs from the lifeline

The owner is independent. Rather than depending on other peoples, the owner will be even more like to create their life freely. The desire for self-expression is strong. The owner does not surrender to fate. The female is not suitable for being a housewife. She will be more like acting in society. Some of them may be married at some time. However, as the married life is greatly different from the imaginative life, the owner is finally divorced and being single.

Some people may be more suitable for being alone while some will be more suitable for being engaged with others. Anyway, being alone is sometimes the choice of the individual. Whether we are alone or being engaged is just the choice of ourselves. The main point is choosing the right direction for our life.

After reading this article, what kind of thought you have? Please leave me your comment.

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