4 Signs in your Palms that You do not Attract Opposite Sex

Palms that shows that you do not attract opposite sex

According to the change of the palm lines, we can know whether someone attract opposite sex. Apparently, if you attract the opposite sex, you will have the advantage of choosing your soul mate. Certainly, if you are too attractive, it may not be a very good point.

  • No Apparent Marriage Line and Girdle of Venus

The owner does not care about the opposite sex. He or she does not have the fate with opposite sex.

  • Branchless Short Heart Line

The owner has no exquisite emotion. The opposite sex will be disappointed by him or her. The attitude that does not discern what is important will harm the opposite sex. The owner should not forget the thoughtful action among the details. The owner should know that some praises are important to grab the heart of the opposite sex and to heighten the atmosphere of the loving.

  • No Influence Line

The owner is seldom affected by the opposite sex. He or she will be lonely. Sometimes, he or she will be too much alert to others. In certain level, it will not be bad to have the relationships naturally developed.

  • No Fine Line on Venus Mount

The emotion of the owner is cold. He or she will be distant from the romance and love relationships. It is possible that he or she will have no experience of loving others. The relationships may be even light. The owner should a little bit experience the annoyance and happiness. He or she should interpret the style of the love relationships.

Whether you can attract the opposite sex or not sometimes depend on our attractiveness. However, even though we are single, we should live our life in a meaningful and fun way. We should not be upset because we are single. Do you agree with me?

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