4 Signs in Your Palms that You fail in your Career

Palm shows that you fail in your career.
Palm shows that you fail in your career.

In our life, you all wish that we can stand out in our career and get the reputation in our complicated society. However, just like climbing the peak, some people are happy that they can climb to the peak. Some people are unhappy that they lose in this game. We analyses the factors of some failures in the following paragraphs.

  • Confused main lines

There is not only one line for life line, headline and heart line. They have many branches. It represents that your vitality and energy is not enough. As such, the development of the career is not good. To modify the basic living attitude and change the living habit is very important.

  • Island on the Fate Line

The owner may be totally lost in their career. It is because he or she has planted the seed of failure unconsciously. The tip of opening the door of success is no panic when having the trouble. We can take action according to the voice of our heart.

  • Confused Fate Line with the barrier line

It is the handprint that shows you have many troubles in your career. It represents that you have many disputes in the human relationships. It seems that the disputes are happening again and again. It makes you anxious. You can change your fate by changing the living environment. Apart from that, you can get the result by arranging your room or taking a trip.

  • Island or cross on the sun line

The financial dispute has interrupted the work. Apart from that, the reputation of the owner may be destroyed. You should changed your undisciplined financial value and the unhealthy living attitude.

Do you have these signs in your hand? Please leave me your comment.

5 thoughts on “4 Signs in Your Palms that You fail in your Career

    1. Icmo,

      Please don’t worry. Palmistry is just for reference. Moreover, you can make your effort to change the pattern of your palm line. Please add on.


      1. Janet Li
        I’m not concerning much, my palm does have those barrier lines, I do notice some lines changes overtime.
        Thank you for sharing your knowledge


  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Although palmistry will indicate something, it still depends on your effort to change your life. If you make your effort, your palm pattern will change. So please do not worry.



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