6 Signs in Your Palms that You are Energetic

Palm shows that you have good health.

Someone who is energetic will be indicated by the hand as his or her spirit and blood will be abundant in his or her body. The palm line of the owner will be clearly organized. His or her hand shape is thick and solid. All these give us the image of vigor.

  • Thick Palm

The owner is healthy and vigorous. He or she can take up the sport that requires much energy. He or she can take up the work that requires high physical energy.

  • Protrusive Venus mount

The owner has much energy. He or she is rich in vitality. The owner is confident about his or her physical strength. He or she is kind and mild. However, he or she will have strong sexual drive.

  • Long and Clear Main Line

The owner is strong and rich in vitality. If the line turns off in the mid-way and is continuous, free of island, the health of the owner is good health. He or she will have longevity.

  • Three Parallel Bracelet

The owner is healthy and energetic.

  • The lifeline Turns off dramatically

The owner is health and energetic. Therefore, he or she may be not satisfied with the present situation and will make his or her effort to keep going. He or she releases his or her energy with sports.

  • Free of Trivial and Small line

The owner is indecent. He or she will not be sorrow and be happy all the day. He or she uses practical angle to think about the reality. However, he or she will be somewhat obtuse.

Do you have these signs in your palms? Please leave me your comment.

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