6 Signs in Your Palms that You have Bad Health

Palm shows that you have bad health.

If you have bad health, your palm image naturally is not good. Whether from the outer outline of the palm or from the arrangement of the palm lines in the centre of the palm, will give us the impression of weakness. If the owner can take care of himself or herself, the hand image will be improved.

  • The hand is tall, soft and thin

The owner is easy to get tired. He or she is nervous and sensitive. He or she is devoid of physical power. However, he or she is strong in sensibility. The owner will be hurt by trivial matters. However, he or she is intuitive and good at aesthetic activities.

  • Thin and weak Venus Mount

The owner is slim and weak. His or her physical power is not good. He or she will have passive character. The owner is capricious and indifferent.

  • Thin and unclear main lines

Although you are devoid of vitality, you are also classified as health people if the main line does not have chains.

  • The Life line is Slightly Curved

The physical power of the owner is weak. He or she is devoid of taking exercises. The owner loves being in the room.

  • Fine lines distributed in the whole hand

The owner is careful and easily affected by the outside world. He or she is easily getting hurt. Although he or she is careful and thoughtful, the owner is pessimistic.

  • Confused Mercury Line

It implies that the owner put excessive intention to his or her life. Or he or she is weak in intestines and stomach.

Do you have these signs in your hands? What are you thinking about it? Please leave me your comment.

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