Is Your Child Rebellious? Please check his palm.

Palms shows that your child is rebellious.

In our modern society, since the family makes the pet of children very much, the children will be rebellious in the thought and behavior. Under this circumstance, the parents should guide their children by the situation. They can also observe the palm pattern of their children to ensure which type of the rebellion their children have.

  • Rebellion Line

The child who has the rebellion line will have their own opinion to the outside world. They will not accept other people’s opinions. They seem hard to tame. However, when they are growing up, their strong character will make them bear with failure and obstruction.

Another name for the rebellion line is “Indomitable line”. It is a line that is under the heart line and parallel to it. The owner of this line is stubborn. They are hard to be persuaded.

If the rebellion line is especially long and even extends through the head line, the owner of this line is extremely irritable. They are hard to be got along with.

If the end of the rebellion line extends upwards, he or she will be stubborn. The owner of this line is easy to lose its temper.

If the end of the rebellion line extends downwards, he or she will refuse to express himself or herself even through the owner is not happy.

If the rebellion line extends to cut the heart line, the owner has the anti-tradition consciousness. He or she will go against ethics in the emotional level.

  • Headline Extends Across the Palm

The owner of this palm line is stubborn and has strong will of possession. It he or she is educated with the corporal punishment, it will generate bad results.

  • Headline that is Curved and has the Hook

The owner is born to be rebellious. He or she will not be yielded to the discipline. When he or she has grown up and worked in the society, he or she may break the law and order.

Do your child has this palm pattern? What is the performance of your child? Please give me some comments.

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