Do We just Need to Observe Palm Line in Palmistry?

Many think that you just look at palm line in the art of palmistry. However, if you would like to understand palmistry, you can neglect other elements in palmistry. The following six elements do not belong to the sphere of palm line.

1 Hand Shape

  We can check the character of the owner according to the hand shape. There are six types of hand shape.

2. Fingers

  The fingers reveal our direction of thinking. It emphasizes the length and the thickness.

3. Finger Nail

  This element mainly reflects the health condition of the owner. It underlines the color, shape, and luster.

4. Mount

 This element can determine the strength and weakness of the character and the fortune.

5. Fingerprint

 This element can decide the tendency of the luck and the fate of the career. The core element relies on the direction of the spiral of the fingerprint.

6. Bagua in the Palm

  We can put Bagua into the centre of the palm to make the predication.

We usually will not use the sixth method. We usually will use the palm line and match up methods from point one to point five to make the desertion. We just need to remember the basic concept from point one to point five and can make a big use because they are not too complex. We just need to open your palm to make the correct judgment. The method in point six is related to some specialized areas.

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