Do Big Knuckles Represent Toil throughout the Life?

Some people will have smooth knuckles while other will have big knuckles. The difference depends on the size of the knuckle.

People who has the big knuckle will impress others with the feeling of toughness. Therefore, many make a judge that people with big knuckle is busy in their life. However, it is wrong.

People with big knuckle have great curiosity and high learning spirit. They have organized thinking ability. They are careful. They are mostly the professor and the researcher. They do mostly come from the east. They pay attention to the spiritual life, rather than the material life. They have good fame, rather than the good fortune.

This kind of people will enrich their spiritual life throughout their life. They are suitable for being a researcher in the field of psychology and theology. They are used to being self-centered and have many plans. However, they cannot carry them out one by one. They are lack of coordination skill. Their attitude to others is distinct. They are easy to be autistic.

If they have two big knuckles in their hand, they have the “philosophy finger”. If they only have the one big knuckle in the lowest first knuckle, they have the “material finger”.

People who have the “material finger” will pay much attention to tidiness. They largely have the addiction of tidiness.

Relatively, people who the small knuckles and smooth finger will be accustomed to depending on the intuition. They do easily get excited.

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