5 Signs in Your Palm that You will Intervene in Other’s Marriage

Palm shows that you will intervene in other’s marriage.

Everyone wants to have a good marriage and good partner. However, love affair is complicated. Some may be destined to have bad marriage or intervene in other’s marriage. Let us explore how their palms look like for this destiny.

  • Island on Heart Line

If there are many islands on the heart line means that the problem and the number of event will be apparent. It represents that the judgment of the love affairs has some problems. You will always find the wrong partner. You will fall in love with someone that you should not love. You will destroy other’s family. You will intervene in other’s marriage. You will be stick to this situation and do not express your mistakes.

  • Marriage Line Overrides Heart Line

If your marriage line overrides your heart line, it means that you are not rational in the love affairs. You will easily love someone that you should not love. It will affect your reputation and interrupt your career. Your family will be destroyed. If there is an island, it represents that it is hard to handle the situation. A serious problem will happen.

  • Branches at End of Marriage Line

Branches at the end of the marriage line means that your marriage life is not good. You will have great distance with your partner. The relationships between you and your partner will turn cold. It makes you or your partner will have other lovers beside your marriage. It will destroy the harmony of your family. Or you will be allured by others. You will intervene in other’s marriage. You will hurt others.

  • Fate Line Starting from Venus

If your fate line starts from the Venus mount, your fate line will pass the life line and head line. It signifies that your behavior will make other surprised. It will out of other calculation. In your love life, you will easily have extramarital affairs. You will fall in love with your boss. Or you will fall in love with one that is much older than you.

  • Barrier Line in Fate Line

Barrier lines in your fate line means that your fate line is crossed by a line. Your fate line will break down. It signifies that your love affair originally is good. However, it changes suddenly. Your relationships with your partner turn bad. You will fall in love with the partner of other people. Although you can get success, you should pay some costs. Your reputation or career will be affected.

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