5 Signs that You are Destined to Get into Trouble

Palms shows that you are destined to get into trouble.

In our daily life, somebody will always get good luck and to be the winner while other will always be destined to get into trouble. Actually, what kind of hand pattern indicates that we will be destined to get into trouble. Please read the following content.

  • Wave-Like Sun Line

Wave-like sun line is the sun line that is curved like waves or interruptedly connected. It means that your career life is not good. Your career will be silently destroyed by others. You will have a big loss. It may be caused by your handling method in the daily life. You may take unfair approach towards others. Or you are not too tolerant towards others. You are a freeloader. In this way, others will dislike you and you will be in trouble.

  • Tiny and Messy Lines under Index Finger

Tiny and messy lines under the index finger are that there are many tiny and messy lines in the third phalange of the index finger. It means that the atmosphere of your family is not harmonious. You will always have the dispute with your brother and sister. Your personal relationships with others in the society are tense. You will discover that your thinking is different with others. You will always offend others. Other will take revenge of you.

  • Cuts in Fate Line

Cuts in the fate line are that you will have some cuts amid your fate line. It means that when you start your career from scratch, everything is ok. However, other will be jealous of you; they will take some ideas to destroy your career. As such, your career will be interrupted. Sometimes, you will face the lawsuit and should make the payment to solve this problem.

  • Short Little Finger

Short little finger is that your little finger has not reached the top of second phalange of the ring finger. It represents that your human relationships is not good. There is no one who will give you a helping hand. As you are not good at speaking, you will always have dispute with others. As such, your career will be interrupted by others.

  • Cuts in Mars Line

Cuts in Mars line is that your mars line inside the life line will be cut by other lines. It means that originally you will get the helping hand from others. However, at last, it turns out to be the trouble. You will lose your money. In the human relationships, you do not know how to make a good friend. You will always trust the wrong people and create bad effect.

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