5 Signs in Your Palm that You will Toil and Moil

Palm shows that you will toil and moil.

We work hard in our life in order to get the rewards. However, does your effort make the result? This depends on your fate. Some will get rewards without much effort. However, some cannot get the result even though they work hard. Which kind of people will toil and moil. Let us expose their hand characteristics.

  • Chain-like Bracelet

Chain-like bracelet means that your three bracelets on your wrist like chains. It signifies that you are attracted by the material life. You enjoy luxurious life. You spend a lot of money. However, your income cannot cover your expenditure. Therefore, you should work hard to support your life. You are not good at handling your money.

  • Net-like Venus Mount

Net-like Venus mount is that you have the net-like pattern in the region inside the life line. If it is full of net-like lines, it signifies that you are responsible for every small and big event. However, as you lack of the implementation plan, you work like lacking a focus. You cannot carry out your work effectively. While your sense of accomplishment is low, you are very busy.

  • Interrupted Fate Line

Interrupted fate line means that your fate line is not continuous. It is interrupted and irregular. It signifies that you cannot stick to what you do. You are lack of focus. You will get nothing while you are busy. Your fate will be like this. You will be busy in everywhere. You will lose direction and follow others’ footprint.

  • Finger Full of Messy Straight Line

This phenomenon is that apart from the thumb, other fingers are full of messy straight line. It signifies that you are toil and moil. However, your rewards are very small. You are lack of long-term vision and just can see the short-term rewards. The result of chasing all the day is that you will lose the long-term result. You will be in toil in your latter years.

  • Messy Lines Branching Out from Sun Line

Messy lines branching out from sun line means that sun line has many branches. There are many branches at the bottom of the sun line. If signifies that your range of interests is very broad. Your willingness of learning is very high. However, you cannot stick to what you are interested in. You cannot persistent. At the surface, you can do anything. However, you actually know an iceberg of different knowledge. 

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