What do Two Lifelines mean?

Fate can be predicated in the palmistry.

1. Divided as two lines at the mid-point

It mainly represents the change in the living environment. It does not represent the change of fate. Starting from the dividing point of those years, the owner may take a job that is run by two people. Therefore, they are very busy. If these two lines are drawn as a thick and clear line, there will have no big trouble. If there are signs of barrier lines or islands, the health will be affected because the owner is too nervous. They should be more careful themselves.

2. Two lifelines

People with two lifelines are admired by others. We have called this kind of situation double lifelines or two lifelines. It represents that the owner has vigorous vitality. Even though people having this kind of line have serious illness, they will escape the disaster because of their vigorous vitality.

People with two lifelines do not only have vigorous vitality but also have strong fortune. Therefore, the owner just needs to insist, the door of fate will open for them.

Originally, one should have one lifeline. However, the one that is divided into two branches in the mid-point and those having double lifelines does have two lifelines. Therefore, it is a good outlook. Apart from that, if we use the fleeting method to predict the fate of those with two lifelines, we should use the outside lifeline.

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