What does the Via Lascivia indicate?

The Via Lascivia is also called the “line of lust”.

The Via Lascivia is a line that happens along with the personal experience. It is also called the “line of lust”. It starts from the part near the outer side of the palm. It is a line that extends towards the lifeline.

Generally, people with this line lacks vitality. Their function of the kidney is bad. Their health makes others worry. The reason for it is that the owner is too causal. They love indulging their desire. They have no control of their life. Their life is not regular. They are addicted to smoking, drinking, and drugs.  

If the Via Lascivia is near the lifeline and does not cross the lifeline, their sexual life is too causal. It leads to bad vitality. If the Via Lascivia does not cross the lifeline and extends downwards, the owner will have health problems due to physical and mental fatigue or the irregular lifestyle. It may harm life. If the Via Lascivia crosses the lifeline, the owner is too addicted to the sexual life. They have energy exhaustion.

Apart from that, if we pay attention to nurse our health and cultivate a good lifestyle, Via Lascivia will disappear.

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