5 Signs in Your Palm that You Always Depart from Your Lover

Palm shows that you always depart from your lover
  • Parallel Marriage Line

Parallel marriage line is two lines that are parallel to each other. It signifies that you will always depart from your lover because of the outside environment. You seldom have a dinner with your lover. Your affection with your lover will become cold. You will separate with your lover. If two lines connect, it represents you have one more wife or husband beyond your wife or husband.

  • Upward Branches of Lifeline

Upward branch of lifeline means that you are outgoing. You do not like to stay at home. You will wander outside your home and find the new stimulus. As such, you will neglect your lover. Or you will seldom come back to the home because you are busy at work or trip. You will let your lover be alone.

  • Multiple Travel Line

Multiple travel line means that you have many friends. You will always stay outside your home. You will always be socializing. You do not have time for your lover. You will be cool to your lover. Your lover will not be happy. Therefore, you will have communication problem with your lover. There is lack of intimacy between you and your lover.

  • Great Distance between Fingers

Great distance between the fingers is that the distance between middle fingers and the ring fingers when they extend is too great. Or there is a large gap between them when they come together. It signifies that your connection with your lover is weak. You find hard to stay with your lover. Even though you are married, you seldom meet your lover because of various factors. You cannot have the intimacy with your lover.

  • Low-Leveled Heart Line

Low leveled heart line is the heart line that locates near the bottom of the palm. It represents that your luck with the opposite sex is bad. You will have the communication problems with your lover. You need a lot of time to coordinate with your lover. Or you are too career-minded. Therefore, you neglect the importance of marriage and family. It makes a distance between you and your lover.

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