Which Palm do you Read?

Which Palm do you read?Although the ancient fortune-telling industry has not stated which hand we should read when doing palm-reading, the palmist take the principle of left hand for male and right hand for female from ancient to now under the influence of male-dominant viewpoint in China.

In fact, which hand you should read when you read the palms is different for different people. It is because the change of the outward environment will lead to the change of the hand shape and the lines. Therefore, we should focus on the details of the characteristics of one’s hand.

In the contemporary times, the palm-reading field has a new standard. It states no matter man or woman, we should take the left hand as the innate hand (before 40 years old) and the right hand as the learnt hand (after 40 years old) and vice verse for the left-handers.

We should take the characteristic of both hands to make the accurate judgment. As such, we can make use of the force of hand-reading to make out journey of our life on the foundation of wholly understanding yourself.

Otherwise, our life will become passive because we make an arbitrary judgment of our life.

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