What do Different Outlines of the Palm mean?

The outline of the palm includes the Luna mount, the mercury mount and the higher Mars mount. It represents the initiative power and creativity of the people. Different outline of the palm will have different meanings. Their meanings are as follows:

  • If the outline of the palm protrudes outside, it represents that the region around the wrist is most prominent. Then the owner’s creativity will be more on the practical side. They can explain the creativity of others in a good way.
  • If the middle portion of the palm is more prominent, it represents that the owner has the ability for stimulating the new concept and the new creativity. They can transfer the new concepts into the actionable steps.
  • If the outline of the palm is flat, the owner will have no interest in carrying out the creativity. They also have no interest in the things on the subconscious level.
  • If the outline of the palm pulls inside, it represents the region under the little finger is more protruded. The more downside region will pull inside more. The owner is easily affected by the mercury mount, he or she will be impulsive and active. There are many disordered images in their brain. They will be nervous in their thoughts. They find it hard to relax.

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