How do You Analyze the Destiny through the Mounts?

Every mount represents the hub of the human energy. And the shape and the structure of the mounts can imply the characteristics the mount represents. If you would like to judge whether the mount is protruded or not, you should compare it with other mounts. Then you will get the accurate results. For example, if the palm is thin, all mounts will wholly not be too protruded. However, there is one or two mounts will be further protruded or too flat. The judgement is relative.

If certain mounts are too flat with comparison to other mounts, the owner will be lack of vigor and interests that is represented by certain mounts. Then, the owner should take care of it.

On the other hand, if a mount is remarkably protruded, it implies the characteristic represented by that mount is too apparent in the personality of that people. The owner should take care of it too.

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