Are you a Spendthrift or a Financial Planner?

If your thumb is soft and extroverted, you spend freely. You are not good at handling the money. You are a typical spendthrift.

If your thumb is hard and slightly extroverted, you are generous. You like to fight for justice and help others financially. However, you do not belong to a spendthrift.

If the second phalange of your thumb has no lines or has a few lines, you cannot earn a lot of money.

If your thumb is flat, you are neurotic and admire vanity. You have no financial plan. You will earn less and spend more.

If your thumb is thick, you are practical. You have practical money concept. You are simple with your lifestyle and will not spend freely.

If your thumb is flat and short, you will restrict yourself from spending too much money. However, you will be too conservative and have indecisive money concept.

Pay attention to the Central Portion of your Palm

In addition, the palmist said that if the central portion of your palm is thick and slightly sunken, you are vigorous and have good personality. You have good relationship with others and stable living. Therefore, you can save up the money.

However, if the central portion of your palm is too sunken towards the heart line, you will be puzzled by the love affairs.

If the central portion of your palm is too sunken towards the lifeline and your palm is thin and flat, you will have bad psyche and vitality. You will have weak personality. You cannot grasp the opportunity. You will get no result whether in financial management or your work. You may have family dispute and get sick. You should take care.

If the central portion of your palm is too sunken towards the sun line, your will the trouble with the human relationships.

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