4 Signs in Your Palm that You are Destined to be Poor

1. Six fingers in the Palm

The palmist said that the palm represents the innate destiny of the people. If the palm has some defects, it is the sign of unluck. Therefore, people who have six fingers will be defined as having bad luck in their life.

However, according to some research, having six fingers mostly is caused by the hereditary genetic variation. In palmistry, the people who have six fingers will be unlucky in their early life. However, if they make effort, their fate will have the big change after middle-age.

2. Thin Palm

In the modern society, everyone will hope to have the fortune as much as possible. However, there is some people who will be poor no matter how they make the effort. The signs of these people will be as follows:

a) When you open your hands, if the surrounding areas of the palm protrude, you can be rich. Otherwise, If the surrounding areas of your palm are flat and the central portion of your palm is thin and flat, you will not be rich in your life. Even you work hard, you will be poor.

B) If your palm is full of blue veins and the color of the palm is not good, you tend to lose your money. You should take care. If the Venus mount of your palm is dark yellow in color, your will lose your money recently. You should take care. If your thumb is soft, you are easy to believe others and be exploited by others. Therefore, you will lose your money. If the end of your lifeline has some small branches, you will have money when you are young; however, you will lose your money in the old age. If your fate line is dark grey in color, you will have strong self-consciousness and be selfish. You are hard to save your money.

3. Index Finger is Too Long

If your index finger is shorter, you will be not aggressive and lack of sense of responsibility. Your character is negative. You will be easy-going in your daily life. You have no money sense. If your index finger is longer, you are strong and aggressive. If your index finger is too long, you are arrogant and like to expose yourself among others. You like to dominate others. This character makes you hard to save money.

4. Blue Veins in the Palm

If your palm has clearly blue veins and this situation has continued for more than three months, you should take care that you will lose money and have a debt.

If your fate line has an island, you will fail in your career and have a debt. If the end of the fate line extends to the gap of the fingers, you will lose everything in your life no matter how you make effort.

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