How do You know that Your Partner has an Affair?

A branch that appear from the heart line and connect to the headline under the ring finger is called “line of personal relationships”. People who has this line cannot bear the emotional test. He or she is easy to have an affair. If you find this line appear in your partner’s palm unconsciously and the line heads to the headline, you should take care of it.

However, if you want to check whether your partner has the affairs, you also should get noticed of other line. If the headline and the lifeline of your partner gather together and there are some islands and other mixed lines, it represents your partner’s child life is more complicated. He or she may be in hardship when being a child. It makes him or her sentimental and indecisive, especially confronting with the emotional problem. It makes him or her having a higher possibility of having an affair.

If the headline of your partner has a branch, he will be more hypocritical. He or she will be more inclined to have the romantic fantasy. He or she will be more irrational. Relatively, he or she is more inclined to have an affair.

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