How can We Check our Fertility from our Palms?

Many would like to have a baby in their marriage life. The palms can show some kinds of information about fertility. Both palms of the couple are an important reference for that aspect. Therefore, cornering about the fertility, apart from reference to the palms of the female, the palms of the male is also an important reference to get the accurate judgment.

The first sign of the fertility on the palms is having the protruded Venus mount. If there are many arrows and branches, the owner should be highly fertile. In contrast, if there is a lack of this kind of branch in both palms of the couple, they will find it hard to have a baby.

If there are many vertical lines on the marriage line, it also represents the fertility of the owner is strong. If you have this kind of palm lines, your child will be highly successful in the future. Apart from, the women who have this kind of palm line are also easy to be pregnant. They should take care of that.

Apart from that, if there are three or four bracelet lines on your wrist, you are also fertile.

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